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We specialize in Service and Repair of the highest quality recording studio mics .

Mics For Sale 

U-87i! SOLD Here's a nice example of an original U-87i. Fully serviced, a NEW Neumann Capsule. A sweet vocal mic Only $2,850 with box and hanger.

U-87i! SOLD Here's another original U-87i. Also Fully Serviced and With a New Neumann Capsule!!! A great mic Only $2,850 with box and hanger

U-64's! How 'bout a GREAT pair of U-64's? These are super sweet! They come complete with Neumann boxes and dual Neumann PSU and clips! $5,250/pair

TLM-172! Here's something new and different. This is a TLM-170 with a U-47 capsule instead of the boring U-89 capsule. The marriage is sublime. Bottom - clarity, monsterous! A GREAT kick mic - a sweet vocal mic, stacks up nicely to a U-47!!! Only $3,150 with box.

KM-848! This is one of only 10 prototypes of this model. This could be defined as a transformerless KM-84. Sounds just like a KM-84! $1,200

The beautiful NEW MicShop MS-47 MARK II! This is a U-47 type mic that really is a U-47. The parts are correct - no Chinese crap here. - the circuit is correct - just like Neumann's classic! It comes complete with box, shock mount, cable, Peak Power regulated power supply - all for just $4,700!  If you want a mic that really sounds like a U-47 - here's your guy!!! A happy buyer says: "This mic is the best thing since sliced bread. It sounds identical to a U47, but its not 50 years old! You have no worries about making it through a session." Another customer said: "I love it - sold my Wunder Audio and Pearlman mics because of it." STILL ONLY $4,700

We're now also making the MS-12 that out C-12's any C-12!!! These are super hot looking and sounding. They're only $4,950 complete and are guaranteed to please.

If you have a C-12a with a bad connector/hanger you might want to change it out with this nifty 6 pin XLR job It makes everything nice and solid!!! $225 done!

We are now re-building all older Neumann mic power supplies. Including changing the East German Neumann (Neumann Gefell) AC transformers to 110 volt Haufe transformers. Call for info!

If your M-149 or M-147 is noisy we can help. We re-tube them with a MUCH better tube than was originally used by Neumann. They'll be quiet and stay quiet for a long time. $375 + return shipping

Does your U-47 sound thin or crappy? Do you have a "bad" VF-14 tube lying around? We're likely to be able to help. We've successfully rejuvinated a number of "bad" VF-14's. You pay only if we're sucessful.


Here are some mics that we've owned - these are NOT for sale (sorry)






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A Special note for you U-87 owners

Peak Power power supplies

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