The A.K.G. C-12a microphone system was released by A.K.G. in the mid-sixties when "miniturization" was beginning to take hold in the electronics marketplace. The C-12a is a microphone designed around the now famous CK-12 capsule; used in the C-12, C-24, ELA M-250, ELA M-250e, ELA M-251 and ELA M-251e. Its amplifier was completely rearranged from the C-12. It uses a 7586 nuvistor (a miniature triode) in place of the original 6072 (dual pentode) in a cathode follower design.

The C-12a has a relativly low output level and is well applied to anything from vocals to tom-toms. They've been used as brass mics and have a really nice top end thing for acoustic guitars.

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