The Neumann M-49, designed in 1949, was introduced to the buying public in 1950 as the answer to the question: U-47? It is a continuously-variable multi patterned, large (approx. 1") dual gold diaphragm microphone using the Telefunken AC-701 or AC-701k tube. It has 3 different stand mounts and came in a variety of boxes. There were models: M-49, M-49b, M-49c, M-249b and M-249c. The M-249b & M-249c were designed with an RF suppression type screw-on connector designed for the German broadcast industry. They usually utilized a "cassette system" power supply known as the N-52.

The M-49 is a superb vocal mic but may be used for many other applications from miking an electric guitar amp to recording French horn! Because of it's adjustable polar patterns, it can be used in omni for room miking to figure "8" for background vocals.




M-49 on the left, M-249 on the right