Shipping Instructions

If the mic has its own box, put the mic in a zipped Ziplock type of bag with your name, address, phone, e-mail and a brief description of the problem. Put the mic in bag into its mic box - it should NOT move if shaken. Preferably, DON'T ship in a road case other than a Pelican because they weigh too much and don't keep the mic protected from shock. Wrap the mic box in an inch or so of bubble wrap - put the wrapped box into a small cardboard box - tape it.

Please do NOT include anything not needing service - especially mic mounts, shock mounts, clips etc.

Wrap the power supply (if applicable) in at least an inch of bubble wrap - put the PSU, microphone and cable into a NEW cardboard box at least 14x14x14 with enough packing peanuts or similar packing so that you have to cram the lids down to make everything fit!

Tape across the flaps and all 4 ends, top and bottom. This assures that there's nothing to get caught on and tear open the box. Please also put your name, address, phone and e-mail in the big box. Send it on with at least replacement insurance via FedEx (ground or air) or UPS (ground or air) ONLY!!! No USPS! 


James Brian/The Mic Shop

Please contact me for the shipping address

Nashville, TN 37211

1 615 506 6655